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Payment Terms

Your pre-payment or full payment, while vehicles will have to pay with a credit card. If you choose to prepay; The remaining balance of the credit card on delivery vehicles.

Provision / Deposit

Provision amount is written on the screen that lists the vehicles.
Unpaid traffic fines that may occur during the car rental, lacking fuel, out of the rental fee for damages not covered by insurance authorization is received from your credit card as a deposit guarantee. Authorize the guarantee amount not to withdraw from the credit card, the amount of collateral is blocked during car rental. This is the name of the customer in the lease for the minimum of 6 months beginning with the current and available limit your credit card information is added to the car rental contract. Fullsize, Premium and luxury group of veichles, It is required to submit two credit cards.

Provision is taken, if not return the rented vehicle as received as collateral to be used when necessary. In case of trouble-free return of the vehicle is removed within 7-25 business days to block the applied amount of collateral the credit card in question.

Insurance and Safeguards

All vehicles are insured. Auto insurance losses arising from lease contracts as financial losses and theft that occurred in a rented car insurance guaranteeing. Also attributable to the use of mechanical failure occurs in the vehicle is the responsibility of member to be covered by workplace insurance. 3. Again harm that may come to the party is under protection within the limits of the Traffic Insurance.

The insurance to be valid;

  • Traffic accident and alcohol report immediately to keep the rented vehicle and its members must be submitted to the office within 24 hours.
  • The accident is double-sided; the opposite side of the photocopy of the license, a copy of the insurance policy must be provided by the tenant while in the driver's license photocopy of an accident.
  • The vehicle intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, except in case of use of legal speed limits and accident or to 100% of the tenant will be responsible for all damages offending tenant.
  • Invalid or incomplete documents are not attached to the report in case the tenant does not benefit from the insurance.

The following cases will void the guarantee will remain outside of the benefit from the insurance and damage insurance coverage will occur;

  • On the vehicle's lease granted to anyone other than the name of the person in writing,
  • Using the vehicle outside normal usage conditions (for use with the vehicle's high engine temperature, road conditions or bad to walk on a flat tire, the car filled with the wrong fuel and other similar situations)
  • Using the vehicle outside of traffic rules (exceeding the legal speed limit, passed the red light and other similar violations), the use of the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
  • A load carried in the vehicle that caused the accident or injury,
  • The use of careless and measure car (the speed of the adjustment made by the rainy weather, road conditions, and to follow the minimum safety distance from the car in front, and other similar uses)
  • By an accident failure has occurred or that will be immediately reported to the customer's contact phone theft case, abandoning the car accident scene (except with a doctor's report found that state a blocking situation)
  • Resulting in an accident, the relevant authorities within 24 hours of required reports (traffic and alcohol report) to be taken,
  • In case of submission of the original key of the car is stolen
  • Despite the end of the lease term without approval and delivery of the vehicle,
  • Because of cargo transported in the vehicle or damage occurs to the opposite side of the vehicle,
  • Tire, glass or headlight damage resulting from damage Accident Insurance is not included in.
  • 3. the amount of financial compensation arising from damage to individuals, it is mandatory liability coverage under insurance cover. Customer is responsible for the remaining amount outside coverage limits.

Delivery and Returns

We could have rented the vehicle at the specified time and are delivered on the ground, it will be delivered.
Airport car rental in point is the customer's responsibility to report accurate flight information and hours of time of booking. Flight information will be easier when you declare in advance that you meet in your airport arrival and departure time.
The time of delivery specified in the event of late delivery of the vehicle 1-day rental fee will be charged to your side. In case of premature delivery vehicle specified delivery time of any fee is non refundable.

Car Fuel Status

The vehicle is delivered to the fuel level in the rental start. Returning to more fuel in the car is not made fuel refunds. In case of missing fuel delivery will be collected from you by our office a member of the fuel surcharge.

Private Road Transitions (HGS/OGS)

All vehicles HGS / OGS has. Tolls "Pay As You Go" approach to be charged accordingly. In return for what you use cars HGS / OGS's fees shall be collected from you by our office. HGS / OGS can not be requested for an extra fee.

Reservation Cancellation Or Changes

Reservation changes, the supplier is based on the company's compliance cars and programs. If the changes (extension, extra service, etc.) are, fee is charged.

Reservation of changes;

  • If more than 24 hours from Rental start time, you can change all the fields.
  • If less than 24 hours, only changes to be made to extend the rental period, the vehicle is limited to the return location change.

If the reservation cancellation;

  • If more than 24 hours from Rental start time, all payments will be returned. Will be refunded to your card within 1-2 business days.
  • If less than 24 hours, cutting 1-day rental fee and the rest will be returned.
  • Supplier companies can be experienced by any otherwise (the damage to the vehicle, are included in case of natural disasters, etc.), reservations at least 2 days to provide information to customers prior condition may be canceled by Vivi.

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