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Vivi, Turkey's leading, quality and reliable car rental companies where one is the online e-commerce platform.

We are working with our strength to become a leading car rental platform in the world.

Vivi is a story of entrepreneurship.

Thanks to the infrastructure that has been created over the web pages of customers Vivi until after 3 hours, the member companies are subject to availability cars ensure you receive your reservation.

Vivi rental car search results in the car belongs to our suppliers, which you can see his point. Cars suppliers with low scores are not automatically displayed in the list. That's why our company VIVI suppliers you experience the difference of being a customer.

Due to the growing competition between the car rental market in the suppliers we offer the most competitive prices to you.

Advanced control panel with a single click everything for cancel/change Reservation

If you wish we can bring the car to your doorstep.

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You can rent a car with your Vivi account, view past rental reservations and benefit from our exclusive campaigns. You can use your account on all your devices.