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Frequently Asked Questions

Before Hire
What documents are required in the delivery car

During the car rental must have the following documents with you;

  • Your reservation number
  • Identity Card
  • Driving Licence
  • The driver for the implementation of that provision must contain the name of Credit Card

 If you request an additional driver, the driver is obliged to submit a document attached drive.

Vivi.com.tr is not responsible for the vehicle that could be due to incomplete documentation. Cancellation procedure to apply and no refunds made.

What is included in the car rental price?

You can see all of the car rental fees in vivi. Delivery of the vehicle will not be an additional charge.

  • Traffic insurance
  • Vehicle damage insurance
  • Vehicle theft insurance
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Tax

In addition, it is automatically calculated based on reservation or have chosen the following services are included.

  • One way fee (to a different city)
  • Extras you choose when booking
  • Car delivery / return fees

Can I get vehicle at outside office hours?

According to the hours you choose is appropriate exit the vehicle. Supplier company that do not have the time to delivery, it does not appear in the company's cars. In this case, you may be seeing a limited number of the company's vehicles.

In addition, suppliers may have made the extra wage increases outside of working hours, these costs are directly reflected in the car rental price.

Note that more companies will see the car when you call during working hours.

Where I will deliver my rental car?

Wherever you want! You do not have to buy the rental office.

If you search based on your location, the company only supplier who delivered the car to go to that region. One of the company wants to charge for delivery, this cost will be reflected automatically in the total lease amount.

If you do hire It directs you to one system by selecting the area where the center of that region.

If you want to arrive at your address and selecting additional fee delivery address, it can bring your car and have them delivered to an address in the region.

What happens if my plane is delayed?

If your flight is delayed, you must inform us as soon as possible by email or over the phone.If you give us the flight number reservation while performing suppliers are able to follow up to 2 hour.

To avoid this type of problem, please enter your flight number. Vivi; flight delays and losses arising from the cancellation can not accept responsibility and can not be held responsible for the damages and changes

How can I buy extras?

You can select additional products that perform all of your reservation process.If you want to add then add an amendment to the booking.

You must specify when booking services, in addition to your writing does not mean that some explanation was added to the reservation.

Extra fees are fixed and the product is available for all companies. If extra items go under the relevant company, then there is no service in that company.It also does not provide extra service for reasons beyond the company's hand has reservations about removing the service. In this case, the money will be returned back into service.

Mobile Applicatıon
Mobile phone, tablet apps do you have?

Unfortunately, there is no mobile applications now.

But our website is compatible with mobile and tablet. So you can easily mobile and tablet all your transactions skin. Vivi.com.t for it is simply logged in to post a link to your browser.

Our team is working on software applications for Apple and Android stores, you can also hire out the application as soon as possible.

On Hire
I left the car early, do I get back in return?

No. Car rental calculations are accurate watches over you will take delivery of your car and delivered. This information is sent to you e-mail / via SMS. In addition, the contract made exactly that way when you go to take delivery of the vehicle is reflected.

The return of the unused hours and days is not the case.

Similar vehicles arrived, why?

The vehicles shown between the dates you have selected before reservation; which cars are available only between that date.

We are sending you the same car that you prefer. You have selected fuel, gear and segment situation considering undertaking similar car given by the company.

Although very rare, it arrives late from previous customers, without charge through the vehicle damaged due to circumstances such as not able to give up to you like a car or a higher class of vehicle.


Supplier company took money from my credit card!

A few reasons why you may have been due to pricing. 

Fuel costs, additional product fees, parking and traffic fines, damages caused to the vehicle, OGS/ HGS may be due to your migration.

The document issued by the supplier of those fees should be listed. This description if you want us to contact with the gravida is a company where your understanding of the supplier on your behalf, please contact our call center.

What to do if my rental car is breakdown?

Do not move the car given to you by the merchant, you must call the emergency phone number.

The nearest road vehicle breakdown assistance sent by members of your distance from the car to the office workplace is resolved. In case of breakdown can not be solved in a short time, car rental is replaced with a new car you rent.

What should I do instantly accident

Fault or a technical failure when the accident occurred, immediately call the supplier companies.

The car rental company must give authority to replace and repair tool. Keep a copy of your completed documents. The police report will be required for accident and crime scene report.

Please instantly accident; To be included in the lease terms and conditions covered by insurance and insurance Make sure you provide the necessary conditions.

Can I rent without prepayment?

No. Unfortunately booking process can not be realized without prepayment. This is a down payment we receive in order to protect both you and the suppliers.

Because that means we need to take payment from a date for our separation from you on your behalf. Formally approved, you are taking reservations payment.

Even if you take or mail your pre-entered information, if you do not pay your reservation is not completed. Surely it is you need to have good confirmation mail or SMS.

What kind of payments do you accept?

Vivi.com.tr online only credit cards, debit cards, accepts payments through Virtual Payment cards;Visa, MasterCard, American Express and debit cards. Bank transfer, PayPal and so on. forms of payment are accepted.

If the amount paid during the vehicle delivery, you can pay with credit card or bank card. The provision must apply for a credit card is required.

Drivers have their name on the credit card and this card is mandatory to submit submission tool used to place.

Car prices are not constant why?

Vivi can do certain times discounts. The same car can be offered at different prices by different suppliers. In this case, competition among suppliers as well as the car is concerned with stock.

Rental car prices based on supply and demand may change over time. It will be able to influence prices, as well as other factors working hours and conditions are the delivery point. By booking early, you can take advantage of convenient car rental prices.


I do not have a credit card, can I rent ?

No. The security deposit must be applied when the vehicle is handed over to authorize your credit card.

Please deposit fee in the contract terms and conditions of the department / section to read the required deposit.
The provision to be applied to the card, the renter of the vehicle and / or to protect against damage to the equipment.

This application is a constant in all of our member businesses. The provision varies depending on the vehicle class, you can see provisioning charges to be applied to the rental terms and conditions section.

I request invoice

Reservation is performing, you can enter your billing information. If you forget to enter your requests, please contact us via e-mail.

Completion of the lease, after delivery of the vehicle, the bill will be sent to your shipping address.

If you are a member ; Once you define your billing information, your panel will be sufficient.

Rental Cars
How is a private road fees charged ?

All vehicles HGS / OGS has. Tolls "Pay As You Go" approach to be charged accordingly.

In return for what you use tools HGS / OGS's fees shall be collected from you by our office. HGS / OGS can not be requested for an extra fee.

Check the vehicle your rented, the recognize

Take delivery of the vehicle your rented, check each location. Lights, wipers, door locks, check the spare tire, etc. places like. Check the hood of the vehicle leaving the place with the supplier delivery person. Testpit learn the location of the vehicle with scratches and dents to experience problems when you come to surrender. Take before and after pictures of car leasing lease completed before we start.

In addition to the payment of fees or extra hours on the day, you can return the vehicle rental receipt in the specified time and day. The time of delivery specified in the event of late delivery of the vehicle 1-day rental fee will be charged to your side. In case of premature delivery vehicle specified delivery time of any fee is non refundable.

What is the fuel procedure?

There are 3 types of procedures as a fuel;

Empty Fuel: Empty tank car is delivered, it will be empty tank. Not the full amount suppliers are binding, means there is no fuel return and refund.

Full Fuel: The car is delivered full tank, tank will be filled. If the tank is not full vehicle suppliers will charge extra payment. You can also cut the penalty fee.

Fair Fuel: If the vehicle tank is delivered how, likewise retrieved. If you bring missing, suppliers will charge extra payment.

These three conditions are given in the vehicle handed over the signed Rental Agreement.

What is the model year of the cars?

Vehicle model year may vary according to company suppliers. In addition to the date you have chosen well and it may vary according to the city. 

In general, suppliers are renewed each year by car and can take up to 3 years old vehicles in the fleet. 

Vehicles in the range of 0-2 years will be a high probability that you choose. 

Car pictures are representative. Do not pay attention to car picture for model years, body size, and color

Is car unlimited mileage?

Term rentals of less than 7 days; suppliers can apply firm kilometer limit. Km limit for the time you rent the vehicles listed is shown on the screen. Fee will be charged to KM per kilometer for vehicles with out limit.

Rental Terms
Can I go abroad for rental car?

No. You can not switch your car cross-country

However, if you are planning to switch to the islands within the same country may be restrictions in this regard, so if you plan to move to another spot with your car you rent at least 7 days in advance, please contact our booking department in our working.

Please contact us before renting.

The deposit payments (share of responsibility) for what?

The implementation of the Provisioning : It is your responsibility to deposit the damage to the car.

Deposit; (Warranty / Liability Share) Provision your credit card during the delivery vehicle (Block) is achieved by applying.

To be returned in the condition in which the rented vehicle in case it is taken as collateral, and used when necessary. In case of delivery vehicle smoothly, said provisioning amount will be refunded to the card that blocked implementation. This rental rental held during and finished the next 10-15 business days.

Deposit fee varies according to vehicle class, you can check the cost of the provision of section lease terms. All suppliers are hard for our company.

The supplier of the company or purchase from us you will receive the "Full Protection Package" can lower this rate.

What kind of insurance for your vehicle?

All vehicles are insured in our system.

We have hired vehicle theft, theft attempt and shock is protected against the possibility of distortion. Harm to the Traffic Insurance to 3rd parties are protected within limits.

Full Protection Package: Customers under the authorization fee for the mini damage can buy this insurance provided by Vivi. This insurance can not be purchased after the start of renting. After the purchase can not be canceled or transferable.

Why should I sign the contract on delivery of the car?

vivi.com.tr will serve as a vehicle rental agency. All our suppliers and contract hire companies and we need you mentioned conditions. When booking through us with our contractual terms and conditions apply. These include our contracts with you, our website is offered in your rental contract as well..

Supplier company with a lease between you and between the two of you will sign a contract to be made. Contract conditions by vivi matter if it is contrary to the stated vivi until a lease terms and conditions will apply.

What is the validity of ınsurance requirements?

All vehicles are insured. Auto insurance losses arising from lease contracts as financial losses and theft that occurred in a rented car insurance guaranteeing. Also attributable to the use of mechanical failure occurs in the vehicle is the responsibility of member to be covered by workplace insurance. 3. Again harm that may come to the party is under protection within the limits of the Traffic Insurance.

The insurance to be valid;

  • Traffic accident and alcohol report immediately to keep the rented vehicle and its members must be submitted to the office within 48 hours.
  • The accident is double-sided; the opposite side of the photocopy of the license, a copy of the insurance policy must be provided by the tenant while in the driver's license photocopy of an accident.
  • The vehicle intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, except in case of use of legal speed limits and accident or to 100% of the tenant will be responsible for all damages offending tenant.
  • Invalid or incomplete documents are not attached to the report in case the tenant does not benefit from the insurance.

The following cases will void the guarantee will remain outside of the benefit from the insurance and damage insurance coverage will occur;

  • On the vehicle's lease granted to anyone other than the name of the person in writing,
  • Using the vehicle outside normal usage conditions (for use with the vehicle's high engine temperature, road conditions or bad to walk on a flat tire, the car filled with the wrong fuel and other similar situations)
  • Using the vehicle outside of traffic rules (exceeding the legal speed limit, passed the red light and other similar violations), the use of the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
  • A load carried in the vehicle that caused the accident or injury,
  • The use of careless and measure car (the speed of the adjustment made by the rainy weather, road conditions, and to follow the minimum safety distance from the car in front, and other similar uses)
  • By an accident failure has occurred or that will be immediately reported to the customer's contact phone theft case, abandoning the car accident scene (except with a doctor's report found that state a blocking situation)
  • Resulting in an accident, the relevant authorities within 48 hours of required reports (traffic and alcohol report) to be taken,
  • In case of submission of the original key of the car is stolen
  • Despite the end of the lease term without approval and delivery of the vehicle,
  • Because of cargo transported in the vehicle or damage occurs to the opposite side of the vehicle,
  • Tire, glass or headlight damage resulting from damage Accident Insurance is not included in.
  • 3. the amount of financial compensation arising from damage to individuals, it is mandatory liability coverage under insurance cover. Customer is responsible for the remaining amount outside coverage limits.

What is the theft insurance?

Stolen vehicle theft insurance or reduce the liability of the lessor for damages arising from the theft. When you neglect your supplier regarding theft firms demand full damage from you.

Also be sure to check the current conditions in the insurance please leasing conditions in order to be covered by insurance.

What is the car damage insurance?

Accidental Damage Liability is included in the rental price for all suppliers. It meets the protection of the damage to the vehicle itself.

This means that; insured vehicle rented, somehow guarantee / deposit fee and some sections are not always covered by the protection. Glass of the vehicle, tires, chassis, door locks, key renewal fee and attractive accidental damage not covered by the scope of responsibility.

Also be sure to check the current conditions in the insurance please leasing conditions in order to be covered by insurance.

Do you need to pay for an additional driver?

If you require additional drivers, please add when performing the booking.

If you want to make additional changes later part of the book is able to add and can even add to your contract or delivery vehicle by paying the fee.

The driver of the vehicle the driver is obliged to hand over all documents in their possession as well.

Rent a Car driver remains unwritten agreement not covered by insurance.

Reservation Management
How can I cancel my reservation?

If you are a member;
By logging into your account, you may cancel your booking at My Reservations section.

If you are not a member;
Click the My Account tab in the upper menu changes all transactions related to your reservation, you can make your reservation information by querying the drop-down window.

However, your information by calling our reservation call center during business hours and can provide for the cancellation.


Do I need to change my booking?

Click the My Account tab in the top menu changes all transactions related to your reservation, you can drop the window by querying your booking details.

Members also input a member of the Account tab, you can see the reservations you have made your reservation you want to modify your customer panel, and you can come to the details of the changes you want.

However, your information together, you can make your reservation by calling our Call Centre operation with the necessary changes.

What are the call center services?

Any transaction that you make at the call center can make on our website.

If you wish to change reservations by calling the telephone during working hours, and you can make a new reservation cancellation process.

In addition, before and during the lease all kinds of questions you can call for you.

Full protection package necessary?

It is in addition to car insurance, car rental companies in the "mini damage insurance", "insurance exemption", "Damage / accident insurance", "Share Responsibility Insurance" in sales as it is available.

All vehicles are insured but still have a responsibility;

Automobile insurance does not cover damage less than the amount determined as the deposit amount. This, in automobile insurance "Tenant Responsibility Shares" is located in. Do you go to take delivery of the vehicle will be applied to your credit card as a security deposit authorization by the company. This charge is for damage to rented vehicles while.

If you buy the Full Protection Package provided by vivi.com.tr vehicle before the time of delivery, pricing studies to be made to the deposit you leave this policy pays this fee back to you. Insurance, Insurance, Rental Terms and Conditions apply.

You can benefit from this product during the lease period by purchasing this product. You can get your refund by submitting your damage report with the extradition request. Insurance and insurance requirements should be valid.

What is the cancellation procedure?

All cases related to the cancellation procedure, is located in the Rental Conditions page. All suppliers apply the same conditions for our company.

  • If more than 24 hours from Rental start time, all payments will be returned. Will be refunded to your card within 1-2 business days.
  • Less than 24 hours when the amount received will be refunded by cutting 1-day rental fee.
  • Supplier companies can be experienced by any otherwise (the damage to the vehicle, are included in case of natural disasters, etc.), reservations at least 2 days to provide information to customers prior condition may be canceled by Vivi.

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