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Website Terms

Below are definitions of terms and websites located in www.vivi.com.tr

According to this;

Web Site: Located refers to the website address www.vivi.com.tr

Company: VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. refers to the owner of the site.

User and / or users: Information requested by the contact form located on the site of personal information by a member of the site with or without their consent, personal information refers only to natural or legal persons who visit the website.

Usage and Privacy Policies:

The user or users, this is while they visit the site, the Site, or any article belonging to a third person or organization wishes to the company, information, comments, opinions, news, images, illustrations, graphics and the other contents , the discontinuation of the publication of this content, the delay or incorrect publication, the use of this content or the consequences of the decisions they have taken on the basis of this content have not read the terms of use of the site or read but have suffered because they are not acting in accordance with them as material or spiritual, positive or negative, and possible any loss or VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. the charges or any group company or its employees to be affiliated or its affiliates, directors, to authorize that person or entity, or those who drafted this content, legal or that there is no criminal responsibility, the accuracy of the information contained in the Site and / or about the adequacy of VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. acceptance is not guaranteed by and have declared.

The user or users, from any content company logo or a website belonging to the pages of another website from taking part in any manner or website to third parties or use of the use of information obtained for any content loading or under the general practices of the Internet can be made by the visitors due to the bear responsibility VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. or any of its group companies, or employees in its affiliated or her is connected, its officers, the drafters of the authorizing that person or organization or the contents, accepting that there is no responsibility, legal or criminal, and they declared.

The user or users, VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. 's Web Site Terms of Use, the Charter Conditions or Privacy Policy at any moment that it has the unilateral right to change or update, they stated that they accepted them in advance of any changes to be made.

The user or users of the Web site themselves in order to follow to get to know better and user preferences more closely, the personal information on the site members while no interest and habitats can be requested from them to share with the site, the information site with completely that they share with their requests and approvals , recognizing that information themselves, to provide them with better service and that is demanded from them in order to keep themselves informed of events and Whats new site, all the information obtained VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. eyes on the data base will be hidden in hiding and commercial purposes they know will not be shared with any third person or organization in question the company's information, if you have permission in respect of their share of the User or to determine the users' profile or improve the quality of service purposes or for the creation of the company's Web site, and ensure the continuation If for worked with the companies to ensure that contribute to the Site service or a legal obligation required is requested disclosure by any public agency or organization can share, VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. this information from loss or damage that may occur due to the use of the above conditions under VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. or any group of the company or its employees or its affiliated which is connected, its officers, or those prepared by the person or organization that authorized the contents, shall accept that there is no civil or criminal responsibility and declare.

The user or users personal information about interest and habitat they share with Sites, Web Site on the always updating can or will cancel, and open the information they share correctly identified the know that it is important in terms of compliance with laws and fully accept the will of their own responsibilities arising for providing false informationand they declare.

The user or users, share your site with their phone numbers and e-mail address VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. have declared the campaign and agreed to forward notification messages.

The user or users, the Website or any other website that you access the content can be found on the Links, or the accuracy or adequacy of their control VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. with and have nothing to do VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S.. 's this site, and that in any way support or that the information contained in the truth that not a guarantee about the privacy practices of those sites and has no liability for any content contained in these sites, tangible or intangible that may arise due to the use of this site , positive or negative, and the potential for any damages or costs VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. the charge that agree and declare.

The user or users, on Web Site VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S., Eat or any article belonging to a third person or entity, information, comments, opinions, news, images, illustrations, graphics and can be found in other material, VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. the regard to these materials organized by Intellectual Property law that it has the legal right, their VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. the can not be copied without permission, can not be changed, can not be reproduced, published can not, can not be sold or can not be granted or their intervention is not accepted and they declared.

The user or users, before going to the Web site they read the Conditions of Use the above mentioned Web site, to comply with all the issues mentioned above, here in connection with the matters of any dispute or if the dispute claim or the demand, Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices to be authorized, on the Web Site Situated content and VIVI TURIZM TICARET A.S. of CCP in accordance with Article 287 of all computer records would be considered as definitive and exclusive irrevocable evidence, statements and have committed.

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